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Fortress anchors are one of the most popular anchors because they have more penetrating capability than other anchors. In this article, I’ll explain what the Fortress anchor is and our recommendations for the best Fortress anchors.

Fortress anchors are made of a precision-machined, aluminum-magnesium alloy. They have two adjustable angles at 32° and 45°. These anchors are easier to handle and can set faster and deeper in most sea bottoms.

Precision machining is done on the shanks and flukes of the anchor to make them sharper. When its shank and flukes are sharper, an anchor will acquire greater penetrating power. It will also result in superior holding power for the anchor.

Read on to learn more about the Fortress anchor including whether it is the right anchor for your boat.

Also, take a look at the Fortress Marine Anchors – Fortress FX 37 (21 lbs. Anchor / 46-51′ Boats) to see more info on it and its current price:

Fortress Marine – Fortress Anchor

These anchors are reliable because they are made of precision-machined aluminum-magnesium alloy. The processing that this material has undergone makes the anchor easier to handle. In the most common sea floors, this anchor can set faster and deeper than other standard and bulkier steel anchors.

These anchors are well known for their superior performance. Their high-tensile aluminum alloy materials are precision-machined and joined together into components that interlock with each other. Also, welding is no longer required in these anchors since this process only weakens the metals. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion as well.   Boating Fun Facts –

U.S. Navy tests have proven that the Fortress anchors can outperform heavy steel anchors. Test results also show that these anchors were able to pull weights that averaged their indicated weight more than 200 times without sustaining any serious damage.

Article courtesy of boatinggeeks.com

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