Hartland Emporium – Wild River Recon Fishing Backpack W/Led Light n More.

Hartland Emporium carries a full line of Wild River Fishing Backpacks and Bags. These are premium bags and backpacks and of the highest quality, which is attested by their price. You do get what you pay for. With a Wild River Bag or Backpack you are getting superior quality that will last.

Below is one of them. The Wild River Recon Fishing Backpack with

Pros: Smaller and easier to carry than the Nomad, yet still more than enough storage for most people.

Cons: Again, the price of Wild River bags are higher than most, as you pay for quality that lasts.

For those of us who do not need the massive capacity of the Nomad, we have the little brother in the Wild River Recon tackle backpack. When comparing the Wild River Nomad vs Recon, the main difference is the dimensions.

At 16.5”H x 13” W x 6.8”D, the Recon is 2.5” shorter, 4” narrower, and 1.75” thinner. The tackle tray size is downsized to the Plano 3500, but you still get four of them included with the pack. The main gear compartment is more compact, but still has a divider, and all the other side pockets are slimmed up in size.

Most of the special features of the Nomad make it over to the Recon, the main exceptions are no chest strap, protective sunglasses pouch, or rubber footed bottom. It does have the fishing pliers holder, LED work light, rain fly, and retractable lanyard for attaching line clippers.

We classify the Nomad as a near perfect backpack for taking multi-day fishing trips, like backcountry canoe tours or fly-in fishing trips. Then you have the Wild River Recon, which is much better suited for taking out on single day fishing adventures.

article courtesy of tacklescout.com

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